DMM10 - Presentations

 Really impressed with the event and the contacts that we made there...  AG (sponsor)

 I have always found the DMM conferences extremely interesting and useful – CA (delegate)

Thanks once again for organising DMM10. I have been to most of the DMM conferences since DMM2 and I think this was the most interesting yet. – JB (delegate)

Christina Robinson - A View From the Top

Christina brings 30 years + experience in programme management, project management and business analysis to DMM10. Her ongoing, first-hand, experience includes executive level management of large business transformation projects, with a crucial Data Migration stream, for a range of sectors.  She is ideally placed to give us the purchasers perspective of data migration, particularly:

  • The importance of business involvement in delivering projects from conception to sign off and beyond

  • Focus on data ownership and responsibilities for data quality

  • External stakeholder and contract management

  • Negotiation skills to manage conflict resolution

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Dylan Jones - Data Quality, the bedrock of Data Migrations

Dylan Jones is a well-known authority on Data Quality and Data Migration.  As editor of the websites Data Migration Pro and Data Quality Pro and an active practitioner, he is ideally positioned to speak on the blend of the two disciplines – an essential requirement for successful delivery.  Come listen to this entertaining speaker, with a depth of industry knowledge and bring your burning questions on either data migration or data management to put to the great man in person.

Johny Morris - Introducing PDMv3

Practical Data Migration (PDM) is the only enterprise application migration methodology publicly available. It’s author, Johny is both an industry authority and a hands on practitioner with over 20 years devotion to data migration.

The first edition of PDM was published back in 2006. But our industry constantly evolves, and a second version appeared in 2012. With the mainstreaming of agile, cloud platforms and advances in profiling and collaborative software, plus the advent of migrating to SaaS platforms, the landscape has shifted yet again, calling for a new edition of Practical Data Migration - PDMv3 - due out at the end of the year.

Get a sneak preview of the changes and additions that will bring PDM bang up to date.

Steve Farr, Kenny Scott and Robin Miller – The 8 Governed Gate Framework

This trio, each of whom has 25 years plus industry experience have worked in multiple industry verticals including finance, banking, and insurance. And they are still actively engaged in data migration projects.  This vast amount of experience has been distilled down into the framework which they will share with us.  Although this presentation will illustrate how appropriate software supports delivery, as they say “Influencing behaviours to drive cultural change” is a key to success. I look forward to hearing how they mesh the two.

Sune Visti Petersen - Financial Institution, Data Migration Engine

Sune has a background in the banking industry where he has run risk, data, IT and analytics functions for banks including Danske Bank and Barclays for over 20 years. Sune is an experienced executive and keen entrepreneur who enjoys embracing anything challenging.

Sune willl be introducing SDC, a banking data centre in Scandinavia. With the assistance of SDC staff, Sune will show how SDC has successfully established a highly predictable, industrial-scale data migration solution, capable of on-boarding new banks quickly, with a minimum of resources, on time, on budget and with quality to their managed platform.  Migrating new banks is now business as usual for SDC.

Peter McAlister - Cloud Migration

Peter has worked in the energy, retail and investment banking industries, providing guidance and architectural direction throughout the data migration process, working closely with the business teams and using ‘proof-of-concepts’ to demonstrate capabilities and better address the technical integration and migration challenges. Hear from Peter on his practical approach to dealing with any cloud migration; from someone who has rolled up their sleeves and delivered many enterprise cloud and data migration projects.

  • How to approach a cloud migration project, from physical and data management perspectives

  • How to re-architect for success - efficient transformation resource planning to migrate data from legacy to the new environment

  • How to cut through the new jargon; what it all means – from service mesh, APIs, event-driven-architecture, to microservices

  • How to turn off the legacy - it really can be achieved

  • How to demonstrate success - efficiency, stability, cost effectiveness, security, resilience

Andreas Martens - How to Eat An Elephant

Andreas has 10 years frontline experience, including with the newest technologies like cloud and blockchain.  In amongst all that, he has found time to complete not just a masters, but also a data engineering doctorate. 

His PhD thesis was based on his work on a major, real-world, data migration project – Europe’s biggest health care system transformation at the time. Here he was faced by that common question - how do you break down a major project into bite sized chunks that you can implement without the time and risk inherent in a big bang?  The “Stepwise Migration” approach adopted, formed the basis of his PhD. Andreas will explain how, using formal methods, to partition a large population of complex business items, with the rigour of an approach, not just proven in theory, but backed up by examples from a real-life case study.

Daniel Allen - Data Migration Trouble Shooting

Daniel is a data migration specialist with over a decade of experience exclusively focused on data and information management. He has worked for a mix of clients across differing industries (Retail, Hospitality, Life & Pensions, Housing, Local Government, Higher Education) leading the data migration work stream including Data Modelling, Profiling and Quality assessments. He has considerable experience creating DM strategies, approaches and advising suitable Test plans, whilst adhering to best practice Data Governance principles.

From his wide experience, Data Migration is quite often made more difficult due to insufficient planning, inefficient delivery and ineffective management. Many of these avoidable factors cause delays, overspend and sometime complete failure to deliver.  In his presentation he will address some of the core themes that hamper successful data migration delivery:

  • Why do DM projects fail?

  • What should we learn from previous DM projects?

  • Why do we reinvent the wheel? There has to be a better way!

  • How can we be better at DM?

  • Delivering more iteratively.

  • How do we measure success?

  • When to reassess or stop?

David Yuill Business Transformation

David will be speaking to one of the most complex business transformation exercises currently underway in the UK. 

In 2016 Travis Perkins reviewed its business strategy with the aim to make the most of the company’s unique breadth and size. Travis Perkins realised, that to be able to fully capitalise on its unique position, it needed to invest in a new enterprise software solution that could integrate its many co-dependent platforms.  A big job then.  One from which we can all learn lessons for our own projects.  And Dave is just the man to provide us with those lessons.

I found it very useful, both the talks and the software demo
— K.D. (Delegate)