Hands On Workshops

Workshops are an integral part of the DMM experience.  It’s all very well us talking about Profiling or Near Real Time Migrations, but what is behind the words and the brochures?  We give you the opportunity to get hands on experience of a number of tools and so a baseline from which to develop your thinking.  If you are a seasoned pro then this gives you the chance to catch up on some of the latest developments in this space.

To give a flavour of what will be on offer these are the workshops from DMM9

Data Profiling and Enrichment - The alignment of Pandora and Experian’s existing data enhancement and quality tools have created a perfect blend for Data Migration projects.  If you have always wondered what Data Profiling actually looked like and whether what is saved was worth the expense, then this is for you.  If you are an old hand but want to explore the possibilities of using a profiling tool that can do in seconds what used to take hours, then this is also for you.  If you want to see how that profiling merges into data quality and data enrichment then come along.  Experian Data Quality is also giving away free studio copies of their profiling software so what’s not to love?

Near Real Time Migrations – There are cases where we just can’t bring down a corporate system for the weekend, migrate data to the new application then spin it up in time for our colleagues to come into work on Monday morning (or Tuesday if we have sacrificed one of our bank holidays for the good of the cause).  How do we get around this dilemma?  Well we need software specifically designed to manage change in real time, synching data from old to new as it changes so that we can seamlessly switch over.  Easily said but what does this mean in practice?  Is there such software and what is it like to run?  Come to the demo and witness one of these unsung heroes of the software world in action.

Email archives, mailboxes and PST file migration – Lurking in the back of many a programme manager’s mind when confronted with the prospect of a merger or technology refresh is what to do about email.  It’s usually somewhere behind integrating financial and ERP solutions.  But it’s necessary and must be done.  It is also complicated.  These are arcane file formats designed for short term use and discard, not for retention in case of a regulatory enquiry.  Then there are the in-life use cases.  What to do with their mail when someone leaves a business where dissolution with the rest of the permissions and profiles is not an option?  Here again there is software to help.  Come see it in action.