Hands On Workshops

Workshops are an integral part of the DMM experience.   We give you the opportunity to get hands-on experience of a number of tools.  From this you can develop your thinking about how your project could build up its software support.

If you are a seasoned pro then this gives you the chance to catch up on some of the latest developments in this space.

Software on view

Experian Aperture Data Studio

Experian Aperture Data Studio is a powerful and easy to use data management suite that delivers fit for purpose data and insight in minutes. The platform can be installed quickly and used immediately by IT, non-technical business users as well as data professionals for:

  • data profiling and discovery,

  • data cleansing and enrichment,

  • ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Aperture Data Studio offers a workflow designer that enables continuous data quality and monitoring in a production environment. It also helps automate data preparation and ensures data quality for analytics and BI projects. Furthermore, Aperture Data Studio is data agnostic and provides insight quickly, irrespective of where the source data lives.

hopp tech’s migFx


migFx is an extract, transform and load (ETL) generator and migration engine.  Its fully integrated functions mean that the traditional flow from mapping, to design, to build, to execution is automated within the software.  This removes the error-introducing transcriptions from data requirement to mapping to coding that traditionally occur.

One of its unique strengths is its support for Units of Migration (called Business Objects in migFx). Business Objects are validated as a unit, and are migrated, or not at all. So a whole invoice will either migrate or not. No more invoice headers being migrated without all the invoice lines. This removes the necessity to have special roll back code written.It also provides other benefits in terms of data lineage, DQR reporting etc.

This introduction will illustrate how this collaborative and business focused software is

  • Governed by Business not technical Logic throughout the migration

  • Agile and collaborative workflow

  • Easy, fast and fine-grained iterations

  • Automatic and recursive resolution of dependencies

  • Uniform and consistent reporting of migration events

  • Covering the entire process: Mapping, implementation, execution and reporting

  • Definitely a must-see for anyone facing a complex Data Migration

What we say

“For its key role, at the heart of a data migration project, it provides the best fit to PDMv2 of any software so far examined” (PDMv2 Compliance report)